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Bespoke retail designs

If you have a shop in a location that has a unique landmark or landscape, then you could have a whole range of products made with a design based on these. For as long as you are ordering them they will be made ONLY for your shop.

These have been HUGELY successful with all the shops that have chosen to do this, many repeating their order twice over the summer.

Likewise, if you wish to celebrate a special place with friends or family you can have this immortalised on coasters, mugs, place settings, tiles, trivets or cards.

They don't cost any more than normal stock, but minimum quantities apply.

Please drop me a line for more information.

Dunoon<br/><a href="gallery/customised-designsproducts/136/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Campbeltown<br/><a href="gallery/customised-designsproducts/137/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Tobermory<br/><a href="gallery/customised-designsproducts/138/add/#comments">Add comment</a>