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Commissioned work

I offer a very simple service – any design you want, on the supplied tile of your choice.

This could be just a few decorated tiles dotted about, or a tile panel as a central feature behind cookers or Agas, or a panorama to go around a room.

You can choose any design – I'll work with your ideas. To give you an idea, I have painted floral displays in a delft style, formal portraits of houses, also farm animals, specific places where happy memories are, maybe some personal scenes, tiles to match colours or fabrics … the list is endless!

All you do is supply your ideas and dimensions of the project if you have them, I'll sketch out a proposal and supply a quote, and if all is approved you then send me some of the tiles you've chosen for me to paint and fire.

A very good place to browse is my gallery page on the website, this gives a flavour of some, but not all, of the projects I have worked on.