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working on colour and glaze matching.
preparing clay to be rolled
rolled, smoothed, too soft to cut as yet
Tiles cut once leather hard - will take weeks to dry!
Glaze tests looking promising, shown next to original tile being replicated
I design and produce customised work....
...for places near and far.
...they are very popular. :)
I can do coasters, tablemats...., tiles, tea pot stands....all from an original tile painting.
here's a selection from a very busy summer supplying shops.......
More views of Islay, these are sold in C&E Roys in Bowmore above....
as above.... above...
A reproduction tile made for a fireplace
coast birds requested a few years ago
working sketch as shown to client........
....and the finished article set into outside wall
Agas always a perfect setting for feature tiles!
see what I mean? :)
part of a large panel for behind a large Aga!
A lovely use of the 'Panorama' tiles......
....that continued all around the bathroom
A retired Islay fisherman was delighted to have his boat immortalised for his kitchen wall
Hand painted motifs onto delft style blue tiles
Kids' handprints from Anderston primary schools, ready to be scanned
Digital ceramic print being transferred onto tile prior to firing
some of the 66 tiles completed
The tiles were fixed into new closes/blocks of flats built by Sanctuary Housing
more and more customised work being done..
...these for the Isle of Man
oooh this is an old one! Taken from drawings done as a student
Tiles made for a close in Glasgow, - the reason I wanted to make tiles in the first place, was the legacy of Victorian tiles in closes and shops.
Ok here come some fireplace tiles I've made - delft style here
An amazing project to be involved in, in all three fireplaces designed or reproduced for a Loch Lomond side house..Top images is the tiles being tube-lined, before the glaze is flooded in and fired.
A true one off - a family crest hand painted onto 30x30cm floor tiles
Another one off (so far!) a commemorative plaque for a much loved pet
Think there were amongst some of the favourite hand made tiles I made when I first started
This was based on one of the most beautiful places I've ever been - Conservation Cave, Summer Isles.
A special place! - Rosneath Castle caravan park, all will become clear soon........
Bruichladdich Distillery , on the beautiful Isle of Islay
Seaside tiles displayed in Bunty's of Brodick, Arran
Recent commission on 30x10cm cream tiles
Part of a set of 4, personalised wedding anniversary present
some glaze test tiles were picked up at my sale, and look pretty funky here:)
...a very unusual commission, tiles for a hearth
part of a series of lighthouses made for a kitchen
always loved doing these - underwater diving scenes. I once was a diving instructor you know!
The original 'panorama' tiles, commissioned by the sister of a good friend, who loves Orkney. These went all around the bathroom with Orkney scenes.
I guess this was made for a keen fisher. I used to do this too!!
This was the view out of the client's window where they had a herd of Aberdeen Angus cows.
Hope you can make this out - it was made for a vetenary's surgery in Fife.
This was tough but fun, the whole kitchen walls had hand painted tiles, made and fitted to measure.
I made quite a few of these for customers of CTD tiles.
oooh my - I look about 15! This was during my Masters Degree show in (ahem) 199........!
among the first tiles I made in my studio in Glasgow circa 1991-2
...another very early piece. This and some other pieces made it into an exhibition in the V&A.
image very kindly sent by recent happy customers!
....and another view of the same.
More images kindly sent by (different) satisfied customers :)
....more of the same...
Our new fireplace. Joint project with hubby. (He built the hearth, frame etc)
Detail from our fireplace. All images special memories/favourite things.
....and the other side.
Here are a batch of tiles being made. It's a bit like watching photographs develop - I start with the base drawing which is 'tubelined'.
I paint in all the white for all the tiles, then all the light grey, then all the sky blue.
.....then the light green, dark blue, purple....
...'til eventually the colour palette changes and I start on the 'warm' colours...
Then the black goes on, it's used for depth and highlighter of detail....
black detail contd.
I must confess there comes a point where I have t trust that all the colours will work together once fired.....
.....they usually do. (Thank goodness!)
The last part is when they are glazed and put in the kiln. Bit of magic happens now :)
....and this is what greets me when the kiln is cool enough to open.
Transformed! The colours come to life with a bit of glossy glaze.
Recent commission - Garden Birds. Here the design is being traced on a glazed tile.
Outlines one...
Building up the colours, I like this bit the most :)
bit blurry (sorry) - finished articles #1
Finished articles #2!
An area of a large panel in the first stages of decoration..
colour building up...
The main focus of this panel is the Waverley
before the glazing and firing...
..glazed and fired.
an order of tiles for a customer in Cape Cod being made.
finished and ready to go to Martha's Vineyard.
not all commissions are big!
North Berwick!
great fun working on this...!
Beautifully restored Crossbasket Castle....
...where I was asked to reproduce from original tiles......
.....for two fireplaces.
Here are some photos of them in progress....colour tests...
brown tiles in production...
glaze on.... the kiln.
Managed a spot of sketching recently - a rare indulgence!
Managed a spot of sketching recently - a rare indulgence!
Managed a spot of sketching recently - a rare indulgence!
Managed a spot of sketching recently - a rare indulgence!
Managed a spot of sketching recently - a rare indulgence!
new printed tiles matched with the plain base tiles
delft tiles with plain painted borders
new printed tiles with the plain base tiles
recent commission loosely based on West Highland Way
new bone china mug shapes
Island Blue magnets
A small commission for a splash back
examples of panoramas in situ... before...
Large scale tiles! before..
lovely wee splashback
selection for sale at craft fair
new order for Islay
so many options fro this range...size of tile, images etc etc
I've been a cover girl! (Well, my tile has been :) )
....for a magazine specifically about tiles and architectural ceramics.
...which was quite long...
....I hope these are in the right order...
printed tile framed
lots and lots and lots of tiles being made....
....for here! Dobbies Garden Centres
remember the huge tiles on the bathroom wall a few pictures back..? This is the only way I could fire them!
these are the finished tiles from the very first gallery images!
bee variations - these are handpainted.
lovely fireplace..
bee variations - printed.
work in progress
4 cup bone china teapot
'Bumble' dinner set
10" plate - no two the same
7" side plate - no two the same!
salt and pepper set
an image sent to me by a customer.......
.....who has enjoyed this panel for nearly 20 years!
an unusual, but lovely commission to commemorate dogs from a shelter
see above
see above comment
see above
another new venture, house portraits!
...not forgetting cats
available for sale at the online shop..
different version of salt and pepper pots
as above!
as above!
as the original designer no longer makes these, I was asked to reproduce
Finished tile panel that was based on a painting owned by the customer
the test tile made to check colours, textures etc
work in progress...
more work in progress...
Distilleries for a kitchen
Lovely project for a kitchen in America
detail from the above
splash back tile
printed delft style
printed tiles for a fireplace surround
bespoke hand painted delfts
I don't just do Scottish scenes! This is Cornwall.
An incredible, enjoyable and challenging project. ^" hand painted delft tiles made for a beach house in CA USA
details of above project
details of above project
details of above project
mix of current bespoke designs