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Hand Painted Hanging TilesHand Painted Hanging TilesHand Painted tiles, 152x152mm, 148mm sq or 200x100mm available. Freehand drawn and painted, therefore no two are the exact same. We don't always have every example of hand painted tile in stock, in the event of this you will be offered a similar alternative, or your order will be made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this .TrivetsTrivets  Cork framed porcelain tiles, 19cm sq, great for teapot stands!There are 12 products in this category.teacups/espresso/cappuccino mugsteacups/espresso/cappuccino mugsNEW! Contemporary style bone china mugs, tea cup, cappuccino and espresso cups all with saucers...Hope you like them....!There are 7 products in this category.Sale!Sale!"Lucky Bag' sale - a selection of 6 items, 5 of which will be your choice of theme, plus a 'surprise' one for a fixed cost of £36.50. The items are all either samples, old stock, or quality seconds, with an average value of £10 per item. The selection may include hand painted tiles, mugs, trivets, printed tiles, coasters, placemats, tea pot stands, one offs.....who knows?! These offer great value, (and fun!), make great gifts or 'wee mindings' - and are just so handy to have around!There is 1 product in this category.
Delft styleDelft styleHand Painted in classic Blue and White. 10x10cm ready to hang unless specified otherwise. Create your own 'memory stories' from the designs vailable. Can also be customised with your own places and ideas. NEW! Plain border tiles to allow you to make up tiled areas for interiors There are 13 products in this category.Small Printed Tile/ CoastersSmall Printed Tile/ CoastersNew base tile ! New Delft designs! Beautifully tactile tiles, in neutral tones, with a texture that lends itself to the printed designs. 100x100mm with printed designs fired on to the surface. These will match with commercially available tiles. Sold with soft silicon bumpers AND hooks, these tiles can be used as little hanging pictures *and* coasters.There are 12 products in this category.Large Printed tilesLarge Printed tilesNew Designs available for 2020! Large square (150x150mm) printed tiles, (these will fit with commercially made tiles so can be used easily for interior projects) Sold ready to hang; also available in cream box frame. There are 10 products in this category.Bone China bowls, teapots, jugs etc Bone China bowls, teapots, jugs etc Bone china tea pots, jugs, bowls and mugs, plus tiles and coasters.   Orders can be taken for dinner sets....please enquire.There are 16 products in this category.
hand painted door plaqueshand painted door plaquesHand painted door plaques sold ready to hang. 75 x 150 x 8mm. Available with the following options - 'kitchen' 'bathroom' 'toilet' 'no word' Your choice of name/word. If you wish to have your own name/word on the plaque then please email us at with your chosen name/word.There are 14 products in this category.New! Crackle glazed tilesNew! Crackle glazed tilesI'm delighted to introduce these beautiful crackle glazed tiles, which look both contemporary and vintage at the same time. Perfect gift for the whisky lovers in your life :)There are 9 products in this category.New! Tiles for Interiors New! Tiles for Interiors I'm delighted to be introducing new ranges that are perfect for use in your bathroom, kitchen, fireplace or splashback areas. Based on my popular hand painted 'delft' and 'panorama' ranges, I have transformed these into prints that can be applied to any* (subject to testing) commercially available plain tile. What does this mean? It means you can -  1) just order the decorated tiles you want from me, while bulk buying affordable plain tiles. OR 2) choose your plain tile - you are in charge of the overall look   How it works; 1) My stock tiles, ready to order online, will be on standard gloss white 100x100mm, or, 200x100mm tiles. An easy tile for you to find and purchase in bulk for the rest of the walls/project. OR 2) you tell me which tile you are choosing, I source and buy the amount needed for the decorated tiles, and subject to a test, will be made to order for you via email communication. The cost of the tile is not included if done this way. I hope this opens up options that may have been closed to you before. Please note a printed image does not have the same qualities of a hand painted one, they are not as glossy, some of the colours are not as deep, but I assure you the character and overall palette are very similar.   There are 12 products in this category.